Insurance Practice

Nationally recognized for their insurance expertise, Noreen Parrett and Connie O’Connell have been involved in state and national insurance regulation for over 50 years combined. They have provided corporate, transactional and regulatory services to Wisconsin domiciled, foreign and alien insurance companies, reinsurers, and insurance trade associations.

Parrett & O’Connell maintain their knowledge of the industry and its issues through insurance-related activities, including attendance at the NAIC quarterly meetings and participation in insurance trade associations. Their positive reputation is based on their experience and knowledge as well as their prompt service and consistently superior work product. Experience includes:

Formation of Insurance Companies & Subsidiaries

Mergers & Acquisitions


Joint Ventures

Warranty Plans & Service Contracts

Routine Regulatory Services

Insurance Guaranty Fund Law

Noreen Parrett has a national reputation in insurance guaranty fund law. She has long acted as outside counsel for the Wisconsin Insurance Security Fund, Wisconsin’s insurance guaranty association. She is also active on the national level with the National Conference of Insurance Guaranty Funds and the National Organization of Life and Health Insurance Guaranty Associations. In addition, she has represented the guaranty associations of other states when they have issues in Wisconsin.

Insurance Trade Associations

In addition to representing insurance companies, Parrett & O’Connell also represents numerous insurance trade associations, including the Wisconsin Insurance Alliance, the American Property Casualty Insurance Association and the Wisconsin Council of Life Insurers.

We have drafted laws, worked with the Wisconsin Insurance Department on regulations on behalf of segments of the insurance industry, reviewed proposed legislation and regulations, performed the legal research necessary to determine the potential impact of proposed legislation and regulations on various segments of the insurance industry, and provided legislative advocacy. We have also worked with insurance trade associations in preparing testimony and on amicus curiae briefs.


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